What are our objectives?

"REMAT VÂLCEA S.A. adopts a long term strategy based on investments in pursuit of three main objectives: environmental protection through recycling all types of waste; increase customer satisfaction by improving product quality and providing prompt service; increasing processed quantities"

...each ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees!


We collect from companies prepared or unprepared ferrous reusable materials, recyclable nonferrous materials (copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, lead, etc.), plastic waste (polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and PET), cardboard waste paper, waste batteries, waste rubber, waste glass, textile, wood, electronic waste, cables and electric motors. Prices are updated according to market trends and LME (London Metal Exchange) quotations.

Processed products

S.C. REMAT VÂLCEA S.A. offers a wide range of products processed in accordance with applicable standards:

Ferrous metallic waste SR 6058-1/99

  • Prepared heavy iron: E1, E3
  • Reusable materials from technological processes: E2
  • Recyclable materials as bales of new scrap sheets: E6
  • Recyclable materials as bales of old scrap sheets: EHRM
  • Reusable materials from turnings: E5M, E5H
ferrous waste ferrous waste ferrous waste

Nonferrous metallic waste SR 3017-78

  • Copper: Cu-B1, Cu-B2, Cu-B3, Cu-S1, Cu-S2, Cu-S3
  • Aluminum: Al-B1, Al-B2, Al-B3, Al-B4, Al-B5, Al-B6
  • Lead: Pb-B1, Pb-B2, Pb-B3
  • Brass: CuZn-B1, CuZn-B2, CuZn-B3
  • Zinc: Zn-B1, Zn-B2, Zn-B3
  • Bronze: CuSn-B1, CuSn-B2, CuSn-B3
  • Metal carbides: AD/B (Widia)
nonferrous waste nonferrous waste nonferrous waste

Industrial products at producer price:

  • steel concrete φ 6-28 mm
  • laminated and round profiles, special profiles
  • various types of wire
  • welding electrodes
  • wing angles of equal size from 20-160 mm
metallic profiles casings rubber waste