What are our objectives?

"REMAT VÂLCEA S.A. adopts a long term strategy based on investments in pursuit of three main objectives: environmental protection through recycling all types of waste; increase customer satisfaction by improving product quality and providing prompt service; increasing processed quantities"

...each ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees!


To cope with growing competition on the recyclable materials market, the management of SC REMAT VÂLCEA S.A. considered an essential matter to meet the high customer demands on delivered product quality. This can only be achived by featuring advanced equipment, modern processing and handling, and dedicated personnel who acknowledge the importance of quality.

S.C. REMAT VÂLCEA S.A. has: its own network to collect recyclable materials, freight transport fleet, industrial railway lines at all locations, specific machinery for processing, preparation and transportation of recyclable materials.

Transport fleet

  • 11 trucks with semitrailer tippers 41mc – 58mc;
  • 2 trucks with semitrailer canvas;
  • 3 vans 26t container transport with trailers;
  • 7 vans 26-29t container transport, equipped with crane and claw, with trailers;
  • 3 vans 7.5t container transport;
  • 7 vans 3.5t;
  • 70 32mc containers;
  • 10 22mc containers;
  • 30 10mc containers;

Our fleet is constantly increasing and upgrading, every year our company making substantial investments in this regard.
In the long run, S.C. REMAT VÂLCEA S.A. intends to purchass a shredder machine type that will contribute to a significant increase in quality of delivered products.
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Equiment and machinery

  • hydraulic press-scissors for packing and cutting up ferrous material;
  • 3 hydraulic presses for ferrous and nonferous scrap packing, 800 tf;
  • paper baler press, 200 tf;
  • granulated polyethylene and polypropylene facility, 80t/month;
  • electrical cables milling and graining facility, 100t/month;
  • 5 excavators with claw and magnet;
  • 5 wheel loaders;
  • mini wheel loader;
  • backhoe loader with bucket and hammer;
  • 12.5t crane;
  • 2 plasmas for cutting alloy steel;
  • 35 cutting machines, Petrogen type;
  • 6 thermal lances;
  • 60t and 80t electronic scales;