What are our objectives?

"REMAT VÂLCEA S.A. adopts a long term strategy based on investments in pursuit of three main objectives: environmental protection through recycling all types of waste; increase customer satisfaction by improving product quality and providing prompt service; increasing processed quantities"

...each ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees!

Who we are

S.C. REMAT VÂLCEA S.A. is a private company established in 1991 as part of the old I.J.R.V.M.R. (the County Company for Reusable Materials Recovery and Recycling). In 1995 the company management started the privatization process, making the company's employees shareholders. Since 1995 the company became 100% private.

The company's headquarters are in Rm. Vâlcea, a town in central-southern part of Romania. With a tradition of over 15 years, our company carries out a diverse range of activities in collecting, processing and marketing of recyclable materials (ferrous and nonferrous metals, paper), with a high quality level required by the market and current standards.

To achieve our goals, we invest in territorial expansion and upgrading of our equipment with new, performant tools.

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collection of recyclable materials

Collection of recyclable materials

We collect ferrous and nonferrous waste, plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and PET, waste paper, cardboard, rubber waste, glass waste, textile, wood, electronic waste;

waste processing remat

Waste processing

With a modern arsenal of specialized equipment, we process recyclable ferrous and non ferrous waste, plastic and paper, by sorting, cutting and baling;

transport services remat

Related transport services

Through a diversified fleet, we provide transportat for our partners and customers for a wide range of waste (ferrous and nonferrous metals, cardboard, glass, paper, etc.);

dismantling remat

Dismantling services

We dismantle breakable metal structures, including industrial steel buildings, cranes and equipment - materials processing machines, lifting equipment, transport, etc.

product marketing remat

Product marketing

We sell industrial ​​steel products and dismantling parts from used vehicles: spare parts, components and subassemblies for different types and brands of cars, trucks, etc.